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Jank Pump Holder V2

Which version should I order?

V2 - recommended for frames where the pump will be removed straight down. This is our most popular version.

Sideloader - recommended for frames where clearance is tight between the water bottle and the pump (such as smaller size Transition bikes)

SWAT Box - special version designed specifically to integrate with your Specialized SWAT box cover. Compatible with all Stumpjumper and Enduro models. 

Mount your OneUp EDC pump (or any a 30-28mm diameter pump) to a standard bottle cage mount or “auxiliary mount” found on Transition, Norco, Forbidden, Revel, Trek, and more. The inline mount hides the pump from the line of sight while riding and keeps it away from your ankles and knees as you get super steezy. Please check that your pump will fit with your specific frame size/bottle cage by test fitting your pump in the space it will be mounted. If it doesn’t fit without the mount... it's still not going to fit with it. 



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