What is Jank?

When referring to trails, Jank often means slightly awkward or highly technical. 

Our products reflect this "Jankiness" in their functionality. Some products might have a rough look due to the 3d printed manufacturing but they get the job done.

Who is behind the Jank?

Hi my name is Eric Olsen. I'm a composites engineering student in Bellingham and racer for Fanatik/Forbidden. I made a pump mount for my friend as a side project. Before I knew it I was inundated with messages from other people asking for the same sleek pump holder. Soon after Dan (from Fanatik) asked for a tube holder option and the second product was created. Jank Components was born during breaks while studying for finals. If you have an idea for a custom plastic part that you want made for your bike, shoot me an email or message on Instagram @JankComponents and I’ll see what I can do.