Idler User Info

V3 idler documentation

Thanks for your purchase of a Jank Idler! This idler kit is built to last the lifetime of your bike given proper care. The modular design means that you won't have to purchase a replacement for the whole idler. Instead you can replace parts as needed.

Installation is simple!

Replace your stock idler, spacer and mounting bolt with the supplied parts and you're ready to go.

Spare chainrings can be purchased from SRAM for ~$15usd if you do manage to wear out the forged steel chainring. 

Bearing Size: 3802  (15mm x 24mm x 7mm)

Hardware Size: T20 Torx M4x10

Torque Spec: 6-8 Nm (be sure to torque screws evenly)

Screws and bearing are to be assembled with appropriate retaining compound. For disassembly, if you are struggling to get something undone, a light amount of heat can help. Don't torch it, put it in the oven with your pizza or something. Keep it janky!

Drag/ Weather sealing o-rings

The V3 idler kit utilizes extra o-ring seals in the mounting bolt and on the back of the carrier. A thin layer of grease is recommended on the o-rings. These o-rings further the life of the bearing by keeping water out.  

If you don't care about bearing life and want less drag you can remove the o-rings.


Mounting and chainguide information

The Jank idler spacer and mounting hardware are to be used with the stock guide, forbidden race guide, or Jank OneUp chainguide adapters. 

The Jank idler spacer and the stock forbidden mounting bolt are to be used with the Jank race guide. 


If you have any further questions please reach out to or send us a DM on Instagram @jankcomponents