Steel Idler Pulley Kit - Forbidden Druid/Dreadnought

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PRE-ORDER - Estimated ship date June 21st, 2021 - Raw finish - Limited run of 75

A steel idler pulley for Forbidden Druid and Dreadnought that utilizes the stock mounting hardware. Just mount it up and go ride. This idler will last at least 3x as long as the stock alloy version and can easily be refreshed with a new chainring for $20.  

This idler pulley utilizes a SRAM/Bosh 16tooth e-bike chainring and an aluminum carrier, meaning that you can experiment with different aftermarket options. SRAM Eagle tooth profiles are available for 12 speed SRAM drivetrains

The complete kit comes pre-assembled with your choice of steel chainring, stainless metric hardware, and bearing. 

The carrier can also be purchased on its own and other chainrings can be sourced individually. The carrier includes hardware. 

Note on Shimano 12s compatibility: I recommend the X-Sync option. X-Sync 2 requires a SRAM quick link.

I personally run Shimano XT 12 speed and have had no issues with premature chain wear. That being said the forged manufacturing method means that the chainring will take some time to wear in and become silent. If you want silence over all else, order just the carrier, and pick up a Miranda or Connex Bosh Ebike Chainring.