Jank Videographer

Jank is seeking a videographer for 2024. This position will involve documenting the mountain bike community locally and internationally. 

If you've seen Atmospheric River Rats 1 and 2 or The Orbea Office you'll start to get an idea.

I'm not looking for the fanciest equipment or the most experience. I'm looking for someone who is excited about documenting the sport of mountain biking in an engaging, comical, and sometimes eccentric way. 


  • Enthusiasm and communication skills
  • Willingness to experiment with creative ideas
  • Valid Passport (Nexus pass/Global Entry is a bonus)
  • Ability to mountain bike or desire to learn
  • Ability to navigate international travel or desire to learn
  • Ability to operate various video cameras or desire to learn
  • Ability to operate audio equipment or desire to learn
  • Ability to manage large quantities of video/audio files or desire to learn

Helpful skills:

  • Documentary video production experience
  • Understanding of mountain bike culture and racing
  • Experience with tight deadlines
  • Experience with Pinkbike code, Vital MTB code etc.
  • Experience with social media production


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