Weird and Wild: Episode 4

Weird and Wild: Episode 4

This weird and wild is dedicated entirely to the website which as far as I can tell was a blog for SRAM athletes to post whatever they wanted. The earliest post appears to be Wed, October 12, 2005 by the legend Jamie Goldman. Read more about him here.

This blog is no longer hosted but thanks to the Internet Archive you can read most of it. Unfortunately most of the videos and photos appear to be lost. 

Apparently the weather sucked in BC January 2006. 

Here we are in 2008. The periodic table has an evolved lineup featuring Brandon Semenuk, Jordie Lunn, Cam Zink, Sam Pilgrim and many others. Brandon just got back from a Nike 6.0 shoot in Utah. 

RIP Jordie :(

And then on May 23, 2013 you are greeted to this message. Instagram. Sighhhh


Makes me nostalgic for a time before I even mountain biked. Fuck instagram.


Stay janky! Much love to all 3 of you who read this.


And one final bonus oddity is the OG truvativ website good luck getting it to work even with a Flash emulator. 

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