Weird and Wild: Episode 2

Weird and Wild: Episode 2

Welcome to episode 2 of weird and wild (WW2) you already know what’s going on (or you don’t and you should read WW1). This week's episode has unintentionally taken on an Aliexpress theme. Probably because AliExpress is one of our favorite comedy websites. It seems that the Chinese gov wasn’t a fan though and Ma is  rebranding as a farming entrepreneur. Best of luck Jack.

Anyways. Back to bikes for a second! You may have heard there’s a parts shortage. FAKE NEWS! You can easily acquire this Sensah CRX 52 tooth derailleur for only $69!

And to cap it all off we have the sickest collab of this century….. Toeshoes X STRAVAAAA 

although in this case it looks like all the steller aesthetics of toe shoes without all of the hassle of actually having seperated toes. 


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