The Jank Sideshow, recently acquired by Inside+ !

A repository of thoughts and ramblings, including but not limited to: items of interest, armchair engineering, reviews, vague recipes, sponsorship opportunities, forays into soft science, seasonal shopping and style guides, training tips, and opinions, both popular and unpopular.

This messy little tome will be published in accordance with a complex series of astrological interpretations in order to impart the juiciest content possible at all times. You’ll be hearing from a variety of voices within our vast staff here at Jank HQ, including some very special guests.

Coming in HOT next week, we’ll have our first Industry FAQ, tackling the hard-hitting questions you’ve been shouting into the ether, wishing for a response.

Muah! See you soon.

P.S. - Dune (2021) was a transcendent experience for seasoned fans and newcomers alike, go see it yourself as soon as possible, ideally in IMAX. Praise Shai Hulud!

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